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Our Mission

Taking Deep Sea Fishing In Key West To The Next Level

Dream Catcher Charters has been taking people fishing in Key West since 1994. Owned and operated by Capt. Steven Lamp a veteran Key West fishing guide and Gennifer Lamp AKA "Island Genn" a Key West Information Concierge. Dream Catcher Charters now offers every theater in fishing Key West. Flats fishing, backcountry fishing, reef fishing and deep sea fishing charters. Our crew is all dedicated full time professionals.

With over 10 boats in the fleet that are capable of fishing in 12" to 3000 ft there isnt another charter service that compares to us.

till now we have not had a sport fishing boat of our own. The "INXS" fills that gap in our well rounded in house fleet of charter boats with a fast 47' Viking sport fishing boat. With crusing speeds of 25 Mph The INXS will be one of the fastest deep sea fishing charters in Key West. Getting the anglers to the fish faster, with amenities of a nice hotel room is our goal.

Of Course.. More fishing time means more fish, more possibilities.

Our Boats

More than 10 models

Viking 47

Dos Winos

With this boat, we set out to offer more than anyone thought possible in a boat of its size. All our research ended in developing and presenting this classic fishing boat.


John Malkovich



This boat is a real fishing machine. The cockpit was carefully thought out and designed for fishing. And, after several hours in the fighting chair, the cabin provides an oasis of creature comforts.


John Malkovich



This is an extremely solid displacement boat capable of 10 knots. It has full head height wheelhouse with quality aluminium windows as well as other advantages.


John Malkovich



This boat of BigFish is a proven tournament winner. She turns heads wherever she goes. And when it’s time to get down to some serious fishing, she’s completely equipped.


David Johnson

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Our advantages

Most Experienced

We are a full-time charter fishing company. We are located on Miami Beach and have been in business in the same location for more than 20 years. Our goal is and has always been to offer our customers a fun, safe, entertaining, a little educational, exciting experience offshore deep sea sport fishing.

Tips & Advice

Fishing is a great activity that can be done at any age. It’s not hard to learn how to fish, it just takes a little time and practice. Our team members will be glad to help you with some useful fishing tips & tricks including casting, setting the drag, choosing bait, setting thу hook, and providing you with other useful information.

Latest Equipment

We use and provide a wide range of sea fishing tackle here at BigFish. Sea fishing comes with its own unique set of challenges, not least the harsh conditions which you can often be fishing in. Salt water is incredibly corrosive, so our experienced fishers only buy and use the best equipment and gear that will last on the beach or boat as long as they want.


When choosing a boat, one of the most important things needed is enough shaded seating area for everyone. Though you probably plan on getting in on some sunshine, you'll want to be able to hide from it too. All our boats offer air conditioned cabins. While this can be very nice, shaded areas with open air ventilation are sufficient. Most boats also have a flying bridge (upper deck) where there's even more shaded seating. This is where most people like to spend the day because of the great view and the cool breeze. Some boats have seating for everyone on the bridge but other boats (like the popular 35' Waverider) have only two seats on the bridge and the captain takes up one of them.

Lakes, ponds, rivers, streams – they're all great places to find fish. Bays and estuaries contain a mixture of fresh water and salt water, so they'll have a mix of freshwater and saltwater fish. To learn more, check out our fishing pages.
The basics include a rod, reel, line, hook, and bait or lure that are matched to the type of fish you’re after. Generally, spin-casting equipment is easier for beginners than baitcasting equipment. You’ll also want a tackle box with various hooks, baits, lures and other tackle.
The best way to learn is to just do it. You can also practice away from the water – in a large, open area, away from people or pets. Start by checking out the basics on our website.

Start with our reference pages of our website, which include interactive maps. Additionally, they list Stocked Trout Waters, Class A Wild Trout Streams, Special Regulation Areas, and much more.

We have a number of other pages that have interactive maps to locate topic-specific information, such as Local Lakes, Biologist Reports, and Fishing Hot Spots. We also list more Commission maps and guides and other Resources of Maps that are helpful in locating places to fish and boat.

The right line to use depends on what kind of fish you’re after and where you’re fishing. Fishing line is referred to by “pound test” – the strength of the line. A number of factors go into determining the right line and pound test to use.
A fishing rig is a way you tie together your bait or lure, hook and other tackle to your fishing line in order to attract fish. Rigs are used for specific types of fishing.
Coolers with ice for your food and drinks, all fishing gear, light snacks, and water.

Our common game fish include blue marlin, striped marlin, spearfish, bass, yellow-fin tuna or skipjack tuna.

Possibly you will catch black marlin, sailfish or shark. On share charters, we usually target smaller game, and on private charters, we fish for whatever you want.

Yes. We advertise, “Keep Your Catch” and we mean it. All boated fish will be cut up and bagged. On a private charter, you may have as much as you want. On a share charter, we insist the fish be shared with everyone onboard that wants to take some of the catch.

Careers and vacancies

Seasonal Associate Fishing

Imagine yourself being an integral part of the great outdoor experience and getting paid for it! A BigFish Seasonal Sales Associate is responsible for providing superior customer service and recommending products that meet our customers’ needs and requirements.

  • Share your expertise for outdoor lifestyle
  • Deliver key metrics including sales & warranties
  • Restock merchandise
  • Demonstrate safe practices and procedures


Successful candidates will collect data for the BigFish Observer Program located in Miami, FL. Observers will deploy from fishing ports along the Northeastern coasts, down the Mid-Atlantic states to Key West, FL, around the Gulf of Mexico to Brownsville, TX.

  • Estimate species composition
  • Measure selected portions of catch
  • Conduct biological sampling
  • Monitor compliance with fishery regulations

Fishing Boat

Deckhands clear the decks, prepare and maintain equipment and handle the catch on offshore fishing vessels. As an entry level position, a Deckhand must use competency and sound judgment in all operations. They work closely with boat operators.

  • Stand lookout and steering
  • Use nets, slings, hooks, and other devices
  • Loads equipment and supplies aboard vessel
  • Signal other workers to move loads