Circle Hooks: The Best Catch and Release Fish Hooks

The circle hook qualifies as a great addition to fishing safety gear. Because of its unique shape, it is safe for fish, and increases successful catch and release. It is also safe for anglers because the sharp point of the hook is turned so far around toward the shank that it dramatically decreases the possibility of anglers hooking... Read more

John Malkovich

How to Find a Great Local Fishing Spot

Your rods are rigged and your bait bucket is full, now all you need to do is find a few great local fishing spots. Don't worry, it's not hard, and you don't have to rely on specific details from other anglers (they prefer to keep information about great spots to themselves). Just use these easy tips to find productive fishing spots on your own... Read more

David Johnson

Where and How to Fish for Lunker Largemouth Bass

If your goal is to catch a lunker largemouth bass, the first thing you should do is plan to fish in waters that have plenty of them. The second thing you should do is go during the best fishing times or peak periods to boost your chances. Not sure when the best fishing times for largemouth bass will be? Learn about two of the best periods, and... Read more

Richard Jackson