Full Day Deep Sea Fishing

8 Hour Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Welcome Aboard... Our 8 hour trips are the best way to get the most of Key West deep sea fishing aboard the INXS. Get involved, learn and catch fish. At Dream Catcher Charters we not only provide the nicest equipment and boats but also the best experience. Be involved as little or as much as you want. Our full day trips give you the time to become familiar with the boat, the gear and the fishing, plus the range to get where we need to be to catch the best fish!

With over 25 years of experience under our belts fishing all the arenas of Key West we know where to find the fish and can show you how to catch them! The INXS is the perfect deep sea fishing platform for everyone who loves to go sport fishing offshore. The INXS is the fastest charter boat in her class here in Key West. With amenities that will make you feel right at home such as an air conditioned salon and full kitchen with a refridgerator large enough to keep your lunch and beverages cold.

Two fully enclosed roomy bathrooms and 2 staterooms. Guests are welcome to ride in the fly bridge with the captain, on the deck waiting for the action or in the salon resting from the last fish or enjoying the comforts of home. The boat is yours for your group of 6 or less for the day.

At the end of your day we will properly prepare your fish by fileting and bagging for you to take to your local Key West restaurant or home. All of the fish caught on board any of our charters belongs to our guests 100%.

The rate for a full day Deep sea fishing on board the INXS is $1700.00 plus customary gratuity to the crew.

If our rates exceed your budget, think about our 6 hour deep sea fishing experience OR... Call our office 1-305-292-7212 and learn about our deep sea fishing colleages that have lower rates. We are happy to help steer you in the right direction to get you on the water.

Reservations and bookings for the "In XS" are done through our offices at Dream Catcher Charters in Key West.

Please read our cancellation policies printed on your fishing charter confirmation when booking. Make sure the dates you have requested are correct and trip description reflects what you booked. Cancellation policies apply to all trips. Private charters require a 7 day cancellation. Corporate and group (3 boats or more) charters will be paid in full 15 days prior and will include crew gratuity for your convenience.

Book Your Charter

To book this charter We need you to call us and speak to us directly.1-305-292-7212

We require a 20% deposit and a signed confirmation that will explain all your trip details and dates. Please make sure this is accurate.

We accept Cash, Debit Cards and All Major Credit Cards