We do everything that we can to make sure folks are comfortable on board the "In XS". The 47' Viking sport fishing boat is one of the finest riding and seakeeping boats in her class. We understand that folks still get seasick. Our policy is we have a 4 hour minimum. If your party is needing to head back in due to being seasick, we will cut to the nearest length of trip that we offer and bill you only for that.

Please Take Precautions.

  1. a. Do Not drink heavy the night before your charter
  2. b. DO take seasick meds at least 1 hour before your deep sea fishing charter
  3. c. Try Not to eat a bunch of greasy food before your deep sea fishing charter
  4. d. Do Not book a deep sea fishing charter if you get chronic motionsickness
Deep Sea fishing lends itself to being weather dependent. We do not like bad weather any more than you do. Ultimatly we reserve the right to call it for bad weather. If - WE - cancel a trip due to bad weather then you receive a full refund of your deposit if you cannot reschedule. IF -You- cancell a trip that you have scheduled with us for bad weather within 24 hours of your departure you will be charged in full for your trip. Outside 24 hours we will keep your deposit. This is spelled out in our cancellation policy that each and every customer signs to secure a reservation. Please See Booking Policies.
Deep Sea fishing is an outdoor sport. Please bring with you whatever you will need to be in the sun, wind and weather. Also. Remember to bring your medications if neeeded and items that you prefer to drink besides fresh water. Please makes sure you also bring food and snacks that you may want while on your fishing charter.
No it does not... Tipping, while not required is reccomended and customary. The crew relies on tips for a large portion of their income. A gratuity of 15-20% of the total charter fee is reccomended and more is graciously appreciated. This amount is pooled between the mate and the captain of the boat. Do keep in mind that these big sport fishing boats are very hard work to take care of and maintain. The crew is resonsible for having the boat cleaned top to bottom, restocked, re-fueled, re-baited, re-rigged rods and reels maintained and bathrooms clean enough for your mom. For the extra hard work they appreciate the gratuity.

Yes. We want you to have a good time in moderation bring whatever you like to drink. While we prefer no glass bottles somtimes our favorite beverages do not come in cans.

We reserve the right to allow only adults over the age of 21 to drink responsibly. We reserve the right to cut anyone off that is apparent to the crew intoxicated to the point they are potentially dangerous to themselves and / or us. We also reserve the right to call it a day if we feel our guests have over consumed to the point they are (in our opinion) unable to perform the act of fishing and still charge for the used portion of the charter fee based off our published rates.

The right line to use depends on what kind of fish you’re after and where you’re fishing. Fishing line is referred to by “pound test” – the strength of the line. A number of factors go into determining the right line and pound test to use.
We only offer 4 hour fishing charters from October 20th - June 15th due to the proximity of the fish we target. Durring the late fall, winter and early summer the fish we troll for while deep sea fishing are located closer to the reef. Mid to Late summer these fish are located very far offshore and we can only reach them on our 6 hour deep sea fishing charter an our 8 hour deep sea fishing charter.
When guests go fishing on board the "InXS" they can expect the following items to be provided. Fishing licenses for everyone on board up to 6 guests, Fresh cold drinking water, refridgerator for your drinks, lunch and perishables, ice to keep the fish you catch cold, air conditioning, two fully enclosed bathrooms, all the required safety gear, instruction on how to use our tackle and equipment, All the tackle, bait and lures needed to catch our targeted fish. Fresh water rinse / showers, proper gear for fighting fish.
Our common game fish include Dolphin (mahi, mahi), Wahoo, Sailfish, Blackfin Tuna, Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Bonito, Kingfish, and skipjack tuna

Other Species We May Encounter would include Yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper, grouper, Tile fish and sword fish.

Yes. You are allowed to keep anything you catch as long as it is within state and federal legal sizes and not exceeding bag limits. At the end of the fishing charter we are happy to filet your catch and put it in ziplock bags for transport. At no extra cost. Tipping is reccomended.

Some of your questions

What size of the boat do I need?

When choosing a boat, one of the most important things needed is enough shaded seating area for everyone. Though you probably plan on getting in on some sunshine, you'll want to be able to hide from it too. All our boats offer air conditioned cabins. While this can be very nice, shaded areas with open air ventilation are sufficient. Most boats also have a flying bridge (upper deck) where there's even more shaded seating. This is where most people like to spend the day because of the great view and the cool breeze. Some boats have seating for everyone on the bridge but other boats (like the popular 35' Waverider) have only two seats on the bridge and the captain takes up one of them.

Where can I go fishing?

Lakes, ponds, rivers, streams – they're all great places to find fish. Bays and estuaries contain a mixture of fresh water and salt water, so they'll have a mix of freshwater and saltwater fish. To learn more, check out our fishing pages.

What basic gear will I need?

The basics include a rod, reel, line, hook, and bait or lure that are matched to the type of fish you’re after. Generally, spin-casting equipment is easier for beginners than baitcasting equipment. You’ll also want a tackle box with various hooks, baits, lures and other tackle.

How can I learn to cast?

The best way to learn is to just do it. You can also practice away from the water – in a large, open area, away from people or pets. Start by checking out the basics on our website.

Where can I get a map of the area?

Start with our reference pages of our website, which include interactive maps. Additionally, they list Stocked Trout Waters, Class A Wild Trout Streams, Special Regulation Areas, and much more.

We have a number of other pages that have interactive maps to locate topic-specific information, such as Local Lakes, Biologist Reports, and Fishing Hot Spots. We also list more Commission maps and guides and other Resources of Maps that are helpful in locating places to fish and boat.

What kind of fishing line should I use?

The right line to use depends on what kind of fish you’re after and where you’re fishing. Fishing line is referred to by “pound test” – the strength of the line. A number of factors go into determining the right line and pound test to use.

What is a rig?

A fishing rig is a way you tie together your bait or lure, hook and other tackle to your fishing line in order to attract fish. Rigs are used for specific types of fishing.