"In XS" Fishing Charters Privacy Policy

Our mission on the water is to keep our customers safe and happy. No different here on the Internet. 

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These days it is more and more important to know how you personal and digital foot print is being seen and used. This is a road map to how we use, retain and don’t share this information. 
47 ft Viking Convertible In XS

We need some personal information such as billing address, email address and where you will be staying in Key West while you visit. 

We will never share any of that with anyone. Ever. 

We do retain mailing addresses, email addresses and phone numbers for all of our clients in an in house data base. 

We don’t send junk mail. 

There are no digital copies of our customers credit cards ever created. 

The copy is destroyed once the trip has run. 

We will never share Credit Card Info with anyone. 

Your time in Key West is between you and whoever you spend it with. We do not offer anyone any information about our customers unless it is for the use of law enforcement. 

Legal activities, comments, companionship and opinions are kept on the boats and never to be brought up again for any reason.