Meet The Crew! Of The "InXS"

These are the folks that help make it all happen for the “inXS”. 

Meet Our captains and crew. 

Capt. Steven Lamp is the owner and captain on board the “In XS”.

Running the “In XS” has been a great time for me. First of all she is a legendary Viking 47. Comfortable, fast and very accommodating for all on board. I own my slip at  Oceans Edge Marina where my love for fishing and diving Key West started very early for me back in the late 70s with my dad. Add that to the really great people I get to meet every time we take the boat out. Truly living the dream.  I really enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the smiles on the faces when memories are made. 

Originally from St. Petersburg Florida where I started captaining boats at a very early age for water sports, fishing and diving trips. My whole life has been occupations on the water. I Moved to the Florida Keys in 1991. Starting off in the dive business and part time on sport fishing boats I chased my passion for spearfishing and fishing to a commercial level. The path of full time Charter fishing guide was chosen for me after a bad diving accident in 93′. 

 As a veteran of the United States Coast Guard I stood watch as one of the guardians of the Grave Yard of The Atlantic at Coast Guard Station Hatteras Inlet.   A licensed captain since 1986. Currently holding a 100 ton masters license. A Dive master. In my career I have guided my anglers to 37 tournament wins.  Check out my personal web site at

My philosophy is “everyday with a client on board is tournament day!” Rig to win – always.. 

Owner of Dream Catcher Charters a premier fishing charter service in Key West. I have turned my passion for being a fishing guide and waterman to teaching others how to live the dream in this profession- the right way. 

Also the owner The Keys To Key West a concierge service in Key West and the admin and creator of Florida Keys Fishing Group on Facebook with over 60,000 members. 

Thats a little about me… 

Gennifer is the voice on the phone for all of our clients when they book with us on our Viking 47 Convertible and our many other fishing charters that we offer here in Key West. 

Gennifer also operates The Keys To Key West with a blog site all about Key West called The Key Wester.. Check it out.. 
Her facebook group is Visit Key West

First Mate, Captain and Manager of the “InXS”.

Garrett has a passion for fishing and makes sure the “In XS” is pretty and ready to roll taking care of the anglers along the way.  

Garret was brand new to the the charter fishing gig but took ahold of it naturally. Great customer service and dedication to the baits to be sure they are free of weed and look tasty. His favorite fish to catch changes daily.. 

Consistency, organization and situational awareness is key to a good sport fishing cockpit for the best shot at catching a trophy and keeping folks safe. Confidence and strength to handle large fish are also a huge plus. Garrett has all of these qualities and I really enjoy working with him and feel very comfortable relying on him to make the fishing experiences on board the “In XS” the best for our customers. Garrett and I have been working on the INXS for over a year and I can think of no better team.. -July 2023 – Capt. Steven 

Captain for the “In XS” and “Too Intense”. 

Capt Rob has been fishing Key West for over 20 years and has a passion for blue water deep sea fishing. A veteran of the United States Navy. Retired Chief. 

Manager of Dream Catcher Charters  Parent company of the “In XS”. 

Capt. Tommy specializes in inshore backcountry fishing charters and over sees the functionality of Dream Catchers. 

Veteran of the United States Army. 

Capt. Paulette is a passionate fisher person and loves the blue waters of the Gulf Stream. She serves as the second mate on board the In XS when she has time from her busy schedule at Dream Catcher Charters. 

A life long passion for Paullete, Deep sea fishing is her happy place and it shows. From her top notch rigging to her situational awareness to see and react to what is happening in the spread. P is a great asset to the deck of my boat. I enjoy working with her and trust her ability and instincts fully. – Capt. Steven

“P” or “Dori” fills in part time as the mate on our Viking 47 Convertible when she is not running our snorkeling / fishing charters. 

Viking 47 Convertible