April Goes Out Like A Lion

Deep sea fishing sailfish

I have seen winds like this in the past. A nice smooth March and then the fan kicks on for April. It seems that this is one of those years for sure. Winds today as I write this report are up to 25 knots and gusty. Temps are down and my windows are open in the house for a nice tropical atmosphere that the Florida Keys are noted for.

Fishing Report

Garrett and I fished the INXS last week among several other Key West fishing charters that we do for Dream Catcher Charters tarpon fishing here in Key West. (thats another fishing report). We had a couple of good trips. No surprise that the wahoo were on stand by and ready to eat. The full moon usually treats us pretty well on the wahoo bite. We also hooked some sailfish with a HUGE one that measured 87 inches. Along with the show we had some dinner with dolphin and blackfin tunas in the mix. The kingfish were still around and we got a couple of good ones there as well to add to my wife’s smoking plans to make her awesome fish dip.  

This time of the year many of our anglers put their sights on dolphin to get some meat to take home. During the full moon I hesitate to roll right out there after the sun has come up to expect a good bite. So I generally wait by hitting some fun fighting species like bonito or kingfish that will eat pretty much any time. Typically around 10 AM the dolphin will put on the feed bag and start to eat. This full moon was not different, we managed some nice dolphin in the 350 – 500 ft range one day and on a nice weed line out at 750 the day before. They were not too picky. Oddly enough we never got one on the deep troll which is typical during the full moon. 

We are always set up to catch a wahoo but on the full moon we tend to work it a little harder. Moving to the East of Key West offshore there are some huge shipwrecks that we visit frequently. These wreck sites were in the current and the water was blue. Just on the outskirts of the wrecks is where we picked up our wahoos. Again, not on the deep troll but they all did eat Pink witches over ballyhoo.

Pro Tip: We use Iland Lures witches 1/4 ounce rigged with small ballyhoo on a 7/0 3407.

Full moons are made for wahoo fishing

The sailfish were certainly around. We stayed on the troll all week for the clients we had and still managed some nice fish. One sailfish in particular that I mentioned above at 87″. He was in the mix with some micro dolphin. As he came into the spread he whacked at a couple of our baits then finally committed to a short natural rigged ballyhoo. A great show seeing such a large fish peeling off line and greyhouding like that for a brand new angler.. She had a blast reeling him in.. 

Sailfish Flag
We use a flag to represent most of our sailfish releases.

The tunas can be an un predictable sort. We fish for blackfin tunas here off Key West with the occasional yellowfin tuna. The bite has been pretty good when we are out there. Mostly around or near the wrecks inside 400 ft for us. We were able to put some good ones in the box with our largest tuna being 12lbs. 

Pro tips.. No secret here.. small feathers way the hell back and pull em fast. 
If you see live bait guys workin the wreck, try not to get down current of them, considered rude. 

blackfin tuna
Blackfins pop up and eat at their leisure.

Deep Sea Fishing Forecast

The windy conditions will start to lighten up on Wednesday. Into the weekend and first week in May we are seeing the high pressure lifting off the Eastern Seaboard and the winds going slack. Second week in May looks to be flat calm and nice on the LRF. We are certainly looking forward to that. 

May is a super busy time for all facets of fishing charters. From inshore to offshore.. Call ahead to book this time of the year. We look forward to hearing from you.. 

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