Mid November Fishing Report

deep-sea-fishing-sailfishFishing Report From The INXS As we slide into Thanksgiving week here in Key West there is much to talk about in our fishing report about last week here in our deep sea fishing on board the INXS with myself and Garrett. As per usual we have had some really nice fun people to fish […]

October November Full Of Surprises

Deep Sea fishingFall Is Good For Deep Sea Fishing Key West The crew and support team of the INXS has been on vacation since middle of September. Now we are all back in the shop getting ready for the fall / winter line up for Key West deep sea fishing. This includes a pretty substantial punch list […]

Mid August Hot Temps and Decent Fishing

Mid August is hotMid August Is Hot Fishing Is Decent Some nice fish for a nice family on board the INXS August 10 2023 - August is often called the "dog days of summer" for deep sea fishing. Mostly because of the warmer calmer days out on the blue water, second because of the slower bite and smaller […]

What Is Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing reels rodsWhat Is Deep Sea Fishing What Is Deep Sea Fishing Deep sea fishing is a term we use for fishing in the deeper blue waters off the coast here in the Florida Keys and Key West. Just past the reef the water starts to get pretty deep. Starting at 30 ft over the reef all […]

Tunas Sailfish Kick Off April

blackfin tunas AprilDeep Sea Fishing Seems To Be Headed In The Right Direction Deep Sea Fishing Report April 2nd 2023 - Its been tough out there these last few weeks deep sea fishing off of Key West. Weeds - not enough weeds, current - no current. The ups and downs of fishing have certainly been a big […]

December For Sailfish And Wahoo

SailfishRetirement Party To Remember December 6th 2022 - Perry and his boys decided to come down from Ohio to Key West and do some fishing for Perry's retirement next week. They just wanted to bend some rods and have some fun.. According to Perry he chose the InXS for this very important day because she […]

November Delights Mahi and Sailfish

SailfishThursday November 3rd 2022 - I would be lying if I ever said November was a predictable month for Key West deep sea fishing. I call it a transitional month where our summer and winter weather patterns battle for position often making our weather a living hell or super nice..  I cannot look at my logs […]

Our Best Catch Is A Trash Fish

trash fish netThe Trash Fish September 5th 2022 - Trash fish has always been a factor when fishing anywhere. A fish we do not want or a by-catch is referred to as a Trash Fish. Well in our case all scaled fish are fun to fight keep them or not. Our trash fish look a lot like, well, […]

Thursday Mahi Mahi Just Past The Reef

Mahi Mahi dolphin fishingThursday August 18th 2022 - The start of this day was like any other. sunrise, dock chatter, engines warming up the smell of humidity and flat calm winds. Getting ready for a 6 hour day with no clue what Garrett and I would do to try and put my folks today on fish. My deep […]