Fishing Report For December The Hits Keep Coming

sailfish flag fishing report

Fishing Report From The INXS

Summer is putting up a fight as we roll into December and our winter patterns fight for control of our atmosphere in Key West. Temps in the upper 70s to low 80s have been the story this last week with winds from the Easterly directions with all sorts of velocities. The fishing has been changing from day to day for sure.. As we come to the last month of the year it looks like the weather will continue with much of the same.

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Fishing has been a little tough the last week on some days and pretty good on others. We were able to put a decent catch together for our clients that consisted of Mahi, Kingfish, Wahoo, bonito, tuna, cero mackerel and sailfish. For a few days the Gulf Stream had made its way closer to our reef and things picked up a bit in the blue water for the dolphin bite and our sailfish all came from 200-300 feet of water. All in all the fishing has been best right up against and on the reef. The full moon was pretty productive last week for the wahoo but not as good as we have seen in the past with a colder start to winter. A few fish over 40lbs were caught during the full moon. I still do not feel that the weather has pushed the transition just yet bringing those predators in great numbers to the table to feed. There has been a limited amount of bait up on the reef to start the snow ball effect of feeding we are accustomed to seeing this time of the year. 

To be sure though there were not many charters going out last week just because the tourism of Key West has been a bit slower than normal even though we have some amazing room rates at the hotels. It was kinda nice out there fishing on some days and never seeing another boat.

Wahoo fishing report
Nice wahoo caught on board our 36ft Yellowfin center console "Too Intense"

Fishing Forecast

Moving into December fishing the extended forecast has us with a couple of cold fronts coming down to chill us a bit. This will push the Bally hoo down out of the Gulf and on to our reefs. Then the fish will put on their feed bags. Tuesday through Saturday the temps dip a good bit (high 60s) and the winds stay fresh starting out of the North then clocking around to the Easterly directions. This is all good news as the cooler weather is what it takes to stack the bait. Sunday the 10th and Monday look a little spooky from here as the winds will make things a bit nautical right from the East at also 30, something to keep our eye on as we make bookings for our deep sea fishing charters. If you happen to be in Key West at that time, backcountry fishing is pretty good even when it’s windy. 

Book A Fishing Charter

As slow as it has been for many of the Key West deep sea fishing charters it has been pretty easy for folks to play the weather when they book a fishing charter. Good Idea.. Even as a charter boat owner I get it.. I would love to have my schedule set before me but knowing what I know. I would play the weather when I came to Key West and roll the dice on availability of my favorite boat. Christmas week gets really busy. If you are coming down then, it might be a good idea to plan ahead from the 23rd of December to the 5th of January.

Many folks are using the web site Key West Deep Sea Fishing to find a local boat and call direct. It’s always a great idea to speak to someone about the boat you want to book and make sure you get the right experience. We can also help. Island Genn does all of the reservations for the “INXS” and many other very qualified charter boats in Key West. Give Here A Call 
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