Mid November Fishing Report


Fishing Report From The INXS

As we slide into Thanksgiving week here in Key West there is much to talk about in our fishing report about last week here in our deep sea fishing on board the INXS with myself and Garrett. As per usual we have had some really nice fun people to fish with and the fishing has been the better part of the hit or miss that November can provide. Especially with the constantly changing conditions this time of the year.  I am super excited about next week as it looks like there will be more of the same and maybe even better as the full moon rises on Monday right after the turkey holiday. 

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As I mentioned the winds shifted a lot last week. Both in direction and intensity with a nasty last minute little tropical thing that pushed through really stirring things up for a couple of days. Good news of all that was the predictability of the fishing. What I mean by that is the Southerly winds produced a decent Mahi bite one day and then the Northerly winds produced a good blackfin tuna bite and sailfish bite with kingfish crushing the reef. Add all that to a few barracudas and bonito sprinkled in for some action we had a pretty good week on the INXS. 

Right after the new moon that little tropical thing moved through then we managed back out to find some dolphin at 300ft for one of our days. making a nice dinner option for our anglers.. 

We love fishing with kids, especially the excited ones that really get into it. Most notably we had a great trip yesterday with a very nice family from Florida. Everybody got to reel on a fish. After some encouragement to get it done one of our trophies caugt was this amazing barracuda on light tackle that miss Piper landed all by herself. She reeled this guy in right after she caught a bonito for the first fish of the day. I really think this is a great photo and a super catch for a first timer. I think she caught a couple more fish after this one. 

barracuda girl fishing report
Piper and her barracuda she caught on light tackle.

As we kept fishing we were 0-2 sailfish bites. One of the sailfish that came ripping through the spread ate two baits before leaving.. I think he thought we were a Mc Donalds and he wanted take out. A couple more barracudas and bonito later then the 3rd sailfish of the day hit  one of our baits and again we dropped back to meet empty water. Then it happened this dude busted up the water super hard as he slammed the crap out of our long bait on our lightest rod. It was a solid hook up! Honestly I thought it was a monster wahoo that was super lazy. The fight lasted about 25 minutes as this sail kept tearing down the lighter tackle but not super fast like a wahoo would.. He did not jump at all, in fact this sailfish stayed down and dirty pit bull on us and pulled like a truck. My angler Jacob listened really well to all of Garretts rod handling tips keeping a perfect load on the fish all the way through the fight. Jacob will have the chance to re live this experience for many years to come as he put that sailfish on the wall and mounted it with Grays Taxidermy. Good news, this sailfish was released very well, pride hurt but very anxious to get back on with his day after we made sure the replica mount was documented.  

fishing report saifish
What a great catch and will be an amazing mount by Grays Taxidermy.

Fishing Forecast

Thanksgiving week has some interesting weather in store for us here in Key West. I am really looking forward to it starting tomorrow as we head out on a 6 hour with a group of three and one of my favorites – an 11 year old young lady who loves to fish!.. Winds will be a bit strong on Tuesday morning then slacking back by the afternoon and calm again on Wednesday. I see some opportunity for Mahi on the Southerly breezes Wednesday – Friday. I see some blackfin tunas in our future here on board the INXS next week. The full moon is on Monday the 27 th. One of the best full moons of the year for wahoo here in Key West, I can’t wait to get after them. And of course we have them sailfish that are working between 150 and 300 ft of water just past the reef.  

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