Wind, Rain and Tough Conditions Prevail

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Windy Conditions Prevail

When I travel and often when answering the phones speaking to folks from other places I get many of the same questions. One of them most popular questions I get is… ” What’s it like there in Key West in the winter?”. Well, this week I have to say IT SUCKS! I often tell people December fishing can go either way. Super nice and a bit chilly or Super Sucky, windy with some chilly rain in between warm days. This year it seems we have the later. I can say this is about the worst December weather wise I have seen in my 30 years as a fishing guide in Key West. For many it comes on one of the slower years many have seen in a good while. Cancelling trips is pretty tough on a limited schedule to start with. 

Key West Fishing Report

Seeing as our last decent day of weather was Sunday and that is my day off the water. What a beautiful day it was too. Light winds and summer like temperatures. So, I really do not have a good deep sea fishing report from my boat the INXS. I will, however, reflect on some of my colleagues who did manage to get out and catch some decent numbers of Christmas mahi dolphin mixed with some cero mackerel on the reef lines and a sailfish or two was released as well. Seems the fish knew what was coming. Before that late last week we were getting into the cero Mackerel, yellowtail snapper and yellow jacks hiding behind the reef trying to make a day of it in hard North 20-25 mph winds. 

The ballyhoo have been stacking up pretty good on the reef albeit late this year, they have made the appearance we all wanted and that has helped with the over all bite. 

Check Out The Spots for Christmas Dinner Key West

red haired lady angler with reindeer antlers on holding up a nice cero mackerel.
Nice Cero Mackerel Caught By Jo Jo For The Christmas Smoker

Fishing Forecast

I hate to be a whiner but the extended forecast goes from Sucky to Suckier to quite Naughtical then back to sucky by the first part of next week. Mostly North Easterly winds starting off today, getting stronger tomorrow and stronger yet through Saturday.. Then…. they switch to some really strong Westerlies up to 35 knots go through the forecast period. Personally I do not see a break in it that will encourage me as a captain who cares about the people on my boat to get excited about fishing till next Tuesday the 19th of December where the winds turn North and the temps drop into the 60s. Like I said, a real shot to the face for captains who are already having a slow year and only one boat. Cancelling trips is really tough.. 

To Ease The Pain

In my situation I own several bay boats and that gives my clients many options. These boats are great for getting out into the backcountry and doing some casting / catching. A good opportunity for many of my anglers that just dont want to get beat up offshore on a windy day to go backcountry fishing instead where it is always calm and pretty fun catching trout, jacks, lady fish, sharks, barracudas, snappers and cobia on the windier days. That said, on the more “naughtical” days we still will not go out even in the backcountry. For those days for folks on a visit to Key West we recommend copious amounts of day drinking. (don’t forget to tip your bar tenders)… 

yellowfin 24 CE bay boat at the dock. Capt. Steven Lamps boat
My Yellowfin 24 Bay Boat that I use for backcountry fishing here in Key West

The Next Full Moon

The Day after Christmas December 26th is the next full moon. Why do I mention that? Because it has just gotten cooler and that might be a real good Wahoo moon.. 2-3 days before and 1 -2 days after I think there will be a better shot at wahoo just outside the reef here in Key West on that day. Maybe something to keep in mind while you Visit Key West

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