EARTEC Sport Fishing Boat Head Set Communications

Capt. Steven wearing his Eartec head set.

The most important tool to our success on the “InXS” would have to be our EARTEC Headsets Sport fishing boat Communications system. In every good team communication is key. In a deep sea sport fishing charter it is critical. 

Why We Chose EARTEC

When I first put the INXS into service I knew I was going to have to have a way to communicate from the fly bridge to my mate on the deck without yelling or hoping my mental telepathy would work. I looked all over the internet and even considered using a bluetooth motorcycle system I had. I ran into EARTEC on Amazon. It was reasonably priced and looked pretty good so I rolled the dice and got a set of two. The rest is history. 

How We Use Headsets On The Viking "InXS"

The uses are endless. On a boat that requires two people with two separate skill sets that need to come together and seem to be one product this is the answer. We always know who is doing what and when. It’s like my mate is an extension of my eyes, ears and hands. 

Most noted is when I took on a mate that had 0.0 experience working the deck. I had a dozen applicants that had “experience” but this guy had a nice way about him and I just knew he would be great with people. I thought hell, let’s give him a shot I can train him through headset communication. It Worked! Our first trip was a doozy. Rough as hell and windy. I was able to tune the deck with subtle instruction using my inside voice. He followed my lead to the t and we pulled it off. The people were non the wiser. In fact they were amazed later when I told them it was Garretts first day every working a sport fishing boat. 

Docking is made super easy.. I can watch where I am putting the boat as he adjusts lines calling out to me the distances where he is so I can pay attention to another area. 

For fishing it’s a game changer. I do NOT understand why every boat in the business of deep sea fishing charters with a captain and a mate don’t use headsets. If I were a person looking for a charter I would not chose a boat without them. It’s that big of a difference and advantage. Plus, one of the biggest complaints we here about the other boats is the yelling.. 

Eartec Headsets
Communication is key when we are making memories on the INXS

For example, when I am in my tower the reception is crystal clear. I can watch and set the baits from my point of view to make sure everything is just perfect. When a fish such as a sailfish comes in on a bait I see it and relay to my mate to drop back or what ever needs to be done. Quietly without yelling down from my 36 ft perch. All the while making micro adjustments. The headsets make us a well oiled machine. 

How Well Do They Work

Really Well! The voice clarity is amazing. The wind / noise reduction is awesome. Sometimes I cannot hear my mate as well when it is super windy, however I do not hear wind. If he puts the mic right off his mouth I hear him fine over the wind or engine noise or whatever.. 

Battery life of the EarTec headsets is pretty damn good. We can fish two 4 hour trips in a day and not change batteries. We talk ALOT! I always have a spare set in the charger just in case. We have run into some bad batteries but not worth mentioning. 

How Well Do Eartec headsets hold up

Surprisingly well. My mate as you can imagine is always in salty air and around salt water. This will rust the boom for his mic and that needs replaced bout once every 9 months. The ear pads start to fall apart in 4 months on his and my headset lasts about a year on ear pads. You can tell they start to fall apart as they will drop little black pieces of coating. Easy to replace with a kit from Amazon. 

I have had two sets that the battery doors get dysfunctional and I straighten out the hasp with a knife or screw driver till its not do able. 

Warranty And Company EARTEC

Ah Mazing!!!! I have had my old units that have gotten rusty, one got smashed by a wave, another The boom mic went limp. Send them into EARTEC and they rebuild them for a minimal fee. I have bought other pairs to make sure my crew and I do not go without. 

Buying and Maintaining EarTec Headsets

Eartec headsets are easy to buy.. Go to Amazon or BH photo. Always get the spare or extra batteries, especially if you use them on the daily. 

My Reccomendation

If you have a boat that needs a mate or Mates to help you as a captain. Get Them. If you are a charter boat with a captain and fly bridge you should already have them. They will improve your customer experience allot.