Mixed Bag On Christmas Fishing

trolling for grouper

Fishing on Christmas week offered a mix bag for us offshore deep sea fishing. We have been super busy with fishing charters over the holiday week where we were able to pick and chose our weather to get out and have some good fishing days offshore deep sea fishing. The conditions were a bit challenging from one day to the next but we managed to make the best of it with some nice catches.

Trolling The Reef

Trolling over the reef is a great way to get the rods bent in December. When the winds are challenging us from the NE or North its a great way to see our anglers from experiencing what nature can throw at us in the way of sea conditions with sea sickness as a result. With winds were up around 20 knots most days we were able to dial in our reef trolling game with some pretty outstanding results keeping our folks with rods bent.

We worked in the shallows as we kept tucked in to the reef on the windier days. Using sea witches on wire rigged with fresh ballyhoo there was no shortage of hits and kept our people busy and happy with some nice catches. Working a little deeper we use the down rigger and deep trolling plugs to compound on the bottom bite. Keeping a keen eye out for the bait showers in the chop helps us dial in on the fish. Situational awareness paid off. Several kingfish over 20 lbs, a couple black groupers and a mutton snapper were all part of the bag on this day without even leaving 50 ft of water.. The "InXS" really doesn't react much to a close chop so it was super comfortable, just a little cold the day after Christmas with temps in the high 50s.. Brrrrr. Thats cold to us.

Winter Time Dolphin

Many folks say that there are no dolphin here off Key West in the winter time. We would like to argue that point. Many days offshore if weather allows we are able to get into some dolphin in December, January and February. Typically the dolphin bite will be slower on a N or NE wind but lately that does not seem to hold them back from eating a bait.

As the conditions started to improve on this day we were able to make it out to the deeper water and compound on the bite for dolphin. The gulf stream was in pretty close to the reef. Our folks wanted to get a dolphin to finish off the box. We kept inching out till we found the Gulf Stream edge at 500ft. Once we got there we saw some frigate birds working and got between two weed lines. Putting out the Ilander 1/2 ox pink witch with a rigged ballyhoo on 100lb test AFTCO Fluorocarbon we were able to make it all pay off with a consistent bite of dolphin seen here. We had naked ballyhoo and pink witches, the dolphin would only eat the pink that day.

Deep Sea Fishing Charters

There are many choices for Key West deep sea fishing charters. We offer much in versatility and pricing flexibility to help anyone that wants to get out there have some fun. Here at Inxs Fishing we offer two ways in house to get out to do some deep sea fishing. One is our 47 ft Viking Sport fishing boat and the other is our 36ft Center console. Both quite capable. One more comfortable than the other. Both the fastest boats in their class offering our anglers more time fishing.

For more budget minded folks we have colleagues in the business that have more affordable private charter options or a fantastic rate for split or shared fishing charters where you just pay for your seat. We are happy to get you set up with them as well.

Best thing to do is call us and we can go over all your options for deep sea fishing in Key West.

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